Circular Saw Blades are available in many various types, quality and price. The Saw Shop believe  getting the right circular saw blade for the work you have planned makes sense. Spending a lot of cash on the wrong TCT circular saw blade can be as bad as spending too little money on a poor quality saw blade. It’s all about balance between the amount of work the circular saw blade will have to do, finish of cut, life span, cost and most importantly matching the circular saw blade to your table saw, mitre saw, chop saw, circular saw or radial arm saw.
If you use a cheap low cost portable saw then spending out on a premium industrial saw blade may not be the best option. On the other hand putting a low cost poor quality blade on your high end Dewalt mitre saw that you use everyday may be equally a bad idea.

Saw Blade Shop offer all the main brands of circular saw blades including Dart, Atkinson Walker, Trend, Evolution and Solent Tools®. Within our range of TCT Circular blades are blades for Bosch, Makita, Mafele, Dewalt, Metabo, Black and Decker, Hitachi, Performance power, Ryobi, MacAllister, Erbauer, Power Base, Power Devil, AEG, Elu and Holtzer.

We offer a full range of bores and diameters on a wide range of blades for cutting wood, metal, aluminium and much more. Our range of PCD diamond blades  is one of the widest in the UK.

In addition to our range of Circular Saw blades we stock a wide range of Dry Cut blades, Planer blades, Diamond blades, Jigsaw blades and Reciprocating blades.   

In fact we can usually match any machine with any bore to a Circular Saw Blade suitable for your needs.

Not sure what blade you need then give us a call or send us an email.

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